Alphabet Poetry Series: “E is for E-Mail”

It used to be so gratifying
to hear that ding
I always had the volume up
so I wouldn’t miss a thing

“Ding! You’ve got mail!”

I felt so important
that someone sent me an email
I’d rush to my computer
like it was the Holy Grail

“Ding! You’ve got mail!”

After school it was
the first thing I’d go see
The sound of the modem connecting
was happy music to me

(Notification sound)

Now there’s only a sound
and it happens every minute
I’ve learned to wait a while
and choose to ignore it

(Notification sound)

I’m not that important
just a bunch of junk mail
I miss the days when people
used to use Postal Mail



10 thoughts on “Alphabet Poetry Series: “E is for E-Mail”

  1. I so agree! I have made myself commit to sending actual letters this year!! And I’ve got your address my dear from your beautiful Christmas card (yes, it arrived last week — I think the USA/Canadian postal thing is a bit slow.) Anyway, I bought some cards the other day, and I just need the right postage and I will be ready to send out some greetings! Even if they are truly at a snail’s pace.


  2. just yesterday we were telling our daughter how it was when we had that first computer and the sound of the modem connecting and how it took forever ’til the mail got through if it had an attachement…ha… and it has changed so much… i need to write more real letters again…


  3. I find people are getting as neglectful with emails now as they have gotten with letters. It’s all instant messaging via Facebook or Twitter. Don’t want to seem a Luddite, but I miss taking the time to write and read and touch someone deeply.


  4. ha. how true….what was a novelty and honor in the past is now quite overwelming…and def things that i ignore…haha…imagine what comes next and how our email system will look so slow to our grandkids….


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